Señorita LEMONIEZ Sales & Archive

Señorita LEMONIEZ Sales & Archive

Señorita LEMONIEZ Fall Winter 2022-23 collection was our twentieth. ! Yes, in 2022 we turned ten years as a brand, and we wanted to celebrate our anniversary properly.

Some facts about Señorita LEMONIEZ Fall Winter 2022-23:

  • Black and white are some of the collection’s leitmotifs. They appear in blocks, in polka dots or in delicate gramineous prints.
  • Color is also present, mainly in patterned crepes and satins that pay homage to abstract art. Scents of Hilma af Klimt, Sonia Delaunay or Kandinsky impregnate fluid and vaporous styles.
  • Bows and ruffles, always part of the brand’s signature, give character to the collection.
  • For special occasions, our choice is gold and black: in tulles embellished with golden rhinestones, lacquered crepes, pleated fabrics, mikados, and jacquards.

Those beauties were presented on a catwalk at one of the most special and magnificent venues in Spain, the Real Casino de Madrid. See all the information about the event below.

Catwalk 10th Anniversary